Shawn's hard work and talent embodie the values that we hold close to our heart. We look forward to much more of Shawn's community involvement in the future!

Shawn Perry and Bob Mc Grath rockin with sesame street in nashville, tn  -  

 photos by Jon Moyer NAMM staff photography

“Since time and memorial, unforeseen opportunities have been woven into the fabric of the Americas, and we Americans are a biproduct of these beautiful tapestries. We are a complex weave of many cultures, and in these times, culture is the driver of a new marketing vehicle. The need for more music-making opportunities in reservation and rural communities can become your opportunity to change with the times- and improve education and music for the Americas. We are asking you to embrace All That Culture, and see for yourself the unlimited potential our program will bring to you, as well as to your business.
" It is our goal and destiny to make a change"

Let us inspire and give our students positive influences! If we can be a mentor, or create a positive outlook for our students, then we have accomplished our mission. Our goal's are to motivate and inspire the disadvantaged to overcome life’s challenging issues in a constructive outlet. 

We look forward to opening our doors with other organizations that have the same visions to move forward!

Shawn Michael Perry is presenting a motivational program which encompasses self identity, family structure, and goal setting using personal stories, student interaction and musical performance. 

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​All That Culture Music Of The Americas & Only The Brave Entertainment 
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Shawn Michael Perry

We See The Effect And It's Priceless! 

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WE Are The Spirit of No Voice, No Talent, and No Culture Unheard NOW LETS MAKE A CHANGE

​As A Community - School And / Or Music Dealer You Can Benefit From Getting Involved

Here's How

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Shawn Michael Perry owner of  "All That Culture Music of The Americas" and "Only The Brave Recordings & Entertainment" met with Joe Lamond president for NAMM (National Association Music Merchants)and was honored to receive such a warm welcome. Together they are in the early stages of working on a program to put music instruments back into rural and reservation schools. We are very excited about the possibilities!

Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave Entertainment has taken "All That Culture Music of The America's' to new heights. With our love for music and our desire to help indigenous peoples, we have taken on selective groups for distribution and entertainment! Check back for updates!   

Shawn Michael Perry's  goal is to spread and educate the values and impact that music has on our lives. Shawn states, “There are no borders or diversity when it comes to music. Music is one language that we all can relate to as one.”

The beginning of All That Culture was seeded when Perry presented his vision to Samick Music Corporation. Shawn’s vision of inspiring and educating rural children through music was embraced by Samick Music Corpo

ration and together they teamed up and provided musical instruments to schools in the remote village in Baraspamba, Ecuador. His service in Baraspamba has been the highlight of Perry's career.

The aftermath statistics revealed that these musical instruments improved the students’ developmental and educational skills. This was the core of "All That Culture Music of The America's".

Shawn has moved on but he thanks Samick Music Corporation for this opportunity. Shawn continues to fulfill his vision through various schools, outreach, and rehab opportunities.  

Our missions statement is to educate and to put music back into rural and reservation schools.



1. Visit  and get informed

2.Help create or host a new All That Culture programs in your school or community

3. Carry musical instruments of your teachers choice and offer an incentive program

4. Assist "All That Culture" with fundraising in your school and community

5. Host an  "All That Culture" Jam Night for teachers, students, and parents

6. Invite Shawn Michael Perry of All That Culture Music of The America's to your school for an motivational speech - concert, to further your knowledge and to educate you on these topics

7. Dealers... invite schools to your store and offer a ATC discount

For a fraction of the cost.....
We sell lp shakers to create 
Rhythmatic sounds ......​

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Music program today.......... 


​​All That Culture Music Of The Americas Motivational Speaking - Music Program

Perceiving a growing need for music and performing arts opportunities for K-12 grade students and in response to the economic effects directed towards performing arts education, Shawn Michael Perry, and Belinda Corcovelos Perry owners of "All That Culture Music of The America's and"Only The Brave Entertainment"  are busy bringing their vision of music and the performing arts education to schools located in rural and reservation communities. 

Perry's enthusiasm and energetic flair, along with the integration of rock and country tunes, allows him to capture audiences of all ages. His inspirational lyrics deliver a meaningful message that resonates in the heart and soul of the listener. Shawn had to overcome his share of difficulties and life struggles. With numerous obstacles and roadblocks along his path to success, he still persevered. A positive outlook and steadfast determination concocted his ingredients for success. Shawn educates through motivational speaking and continue to integrate music to children and adults alike, in a workshop setting when funding has been provided by sponsors. Shawn is proud to donate musical instruments to schools and communites alike.

Shawn Michael Perry ​

Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave Entertainment has taken "All That Culture Music of The America's' to new heights. With our love for music and our desire to help indigenous peoples, we have taken on selective groups for distribution and entertainment! Check back for updates!   

We are in the process of developing "All That Culture Music of The Americas" at a concert level. This would consist of select groups of indigenous talented musicians to perform at Casino's, Festivals, Fairs, and Cruise Lines nationally and abroad. Our concept is to showcase indigenous talented bands and to present a festival like flavor.

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More to come.......

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